Our Market is opening Spring of 2021!

Take a stroll around the field with Kari and learn about the flowers we grow here at the farm. We will turn you loose in the flower field, snip your favorites and we will help you design a beautiful mason jar bouquet to take home with you.

Come visit the Farm!

Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from and work with some truly amazing people. From working on events around the country to now owning my own business, I’m so grateful to all the clients, vendors, and mentors I’ve met along the way. Thank you—you know who you are!

Ruby Moon allows me to focus on the things that are most dear to my heart: family, growing, designing, teaching, and healing. I can now look back and see how each step I took led to where I am today and getting to do what’s in my heart. I know my grandmother would be so proud.

When I was in high school, my grandpa was a delivery driver for a small flower shop. Being there was heaven to me, so I started sweeping floors and washing buckets in exchange for flowers for my 4-H project. Before long, my childhood dream came true, and I was hired as a florist. (I also met my husband at that little flower shop, but that’s another story!) I saw the struggles of being in a rural farm town where people didn’t want to spend money on “frivolous” things like flowers, so I decided to pursue a degree in Botany and Plant Pathology. By my third semester, I knew my heart wasn’t in it, and I longed to be inside a greenhouse. My college professor helped me get my wish, and I went to work for Bill Davis at SandPoint Greenhouses. When I wasn’t busy transplanting or watering flowers, I was snooping around the design room to see what beautiful weddings the designers were working on.

I was about 8 years old when a gardening catalog came in the mail, and I convinced my parents we needed some delphiniums. By the time I was in fourth grade, I knew I wanted to be a florist. One of my fondest childhood memories is my grandmother’s farm. The row of bridal veil spirea that grew along the house, the lilacs she asked me to pick and bring inside, and her mother’s pink roses are just a few of the treasures I moved from her garden to mine.

Hi, I'm Kari Geary!

Like growing flowers, getting married is a tradition that evokes joy, creates connection, and leaves a legacy. We’re so grateful to the hundreds of couples who have trusted us with the floral design for their weddings. As you’ll see in our gallery, each one is as unique as the love story it celebrates.

Full Service Weddings

$4,500 Minimum

Simplify your event flowers with this easy, streamlined option. Just choose the style, color palette, and number of designs, and we’ll select your flowers based on your preferences and budget—no consultations needed.

Bloom Service

$500 Minimum

Private Floral Design Classes


Have a special occasion you'd like to spend with friends? Or maybe have personalized design instruction?

Take a Floral Design Class with Kari! Celebrate any occasion with a Wine & Design or Make & Take class! You can customize your class to design what you would like: flower crowns, center pieces, bouquets, and more!

Group Classes